The Beat Goes On is a documentary film celebrating the life and legacy of Derek Rieth and his contribution to the diversely talented Portland music scene. On August 20, 2014, Derek Rieth’s long struggle with bipolar disorder ended when he died from suicide at the age of 43.


To the outside world, Derek was best known for his 18 years of percussion work with the internationally acclaimed band, Pink Martini. But in Portland, Oregon he was deeply loved by the music community and always there to help others fulfill their dreams.

Aside from his work with Pink Martini, his musical collaboration with other Portland bands was revered. He loved all genres of music, especially world music. Derek's musical career took him from Afro-Caribbean to Brazilian folkloric and popular drumming styles. His studies took him to Cuba, Brazil, New Orleans, and New York.


Despite Derek’s long struggle with mental illness, he deeply believed in the power of community and had an insatiable appetite for discovering and sharing music with all he came into contact with.


This film hopes to capture the joys of Derek's music, the strength of Derek's community, and the complexity of Derek's struggle.